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This study will develop a proof of concept superoptimizer that considers all features of a modern processor as the basis for a developing a future commerical offering.

Project management

Weekly meetings between the lead engineer and project manager. These will alternate between phone conferences and face-to-face meetings in Lymington and Bristol.

Work packages

With the exception of the intermedite report for WP4, no intermediate milestones are provided, since each work package is small. The initial plan shows end dates of 19 Sep 14, to allow two weeks continency within this 4 month project. There are five work packages:

  1. Establish scope for superoptimization
  2. Design a candidate solution or solutions
  3. Evaluate the potential solutions
  4. Document the design and propose a path to implementation
  5. Describe an outline business plan for exploitation

Risk register

A risk register of risks and their mitigation is provided on the risk analysis page.